Monday, March 20, 2006

Lazy Violence

I was guilty of flipping channels tonight and these were some of my options:

Boyz n the Hood
Coming Home (Vietnam Drama)
King of New York
The Sopranos
A myriad of Westerns
Kill Bill Vol 2
The Military Channel
Live reporting from Iraq
CSI Special Victims Unit, Miami, NYPD Blue
The Alamo

This is really just a short sampling of what I saw available in a span of an hour or so.....

Only after trying to avoid these shows have I noticed that we are a violent society perpetuated by the television. But whatever nipples!!!! I know that there are plenty of societies with more violence, but this is the one in which I live. But no nipples!!! Even though, for a youngster, this is the most familiar object in inexistence.

It's funny, in Germany and France I've seen nude commercials for phone sex on 4 out of 5 available channels, but I've never seen any movie like The Terminator on any one of the public channels.
Such a strange little hold over from our Puritanical days. Again, we are so immersed in violent images that these scenes of carnage now slide right into our popular else can we explain the staunch popularity of shows that detail the drama of crime scene investigators in multiple cities? I don't understand.
But I always liked to watch Matlock. Of course, that show had cameos by Don Knotts.


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